...a once-in-a-lifetime zest. Once lived, it's gone.


Only memories and tokens remain. Perhaps my efforts can enhance your moments,
brighten a day and bring a song to heart.


You have a choice. Please read on...













Problems are Solved


I often hear, "I've never had a good picture."


That's amazing. So many people have either given up on themselves or they've only met photographers who don't lend a hand of kindness to help.


Getting by has never been part of my nature. I strive for win-win solutions. I see how good posing can drop 15, 20 or more pounds. The right lighting can diminish or mask flaws. Taking time with people, especially children or pets, helps reveal a rare essence. And planning can get dad or sons in and out of the studio faster and insure greater successes.


The first time a high school senior cried when she saw her proofs left an unforgettable mark. She never realized how beautiful she was before. It stirred me that her portraits revealed something she had never seen. From that I knew portraits were more than a service; they were a mission.


It's been my fortune to see potentials and awaken others to new fullness. To share their joy, pride, love and truths is a profound blessing that resparks my dedication.


Call to learn how personal flaws are minimized and sessions are unique: (918) 494-8886.





A Guarantee that's Earnest


Many photographers guarantee you'll like your pictures. What that means varies.

Christmas Day 2003, Paula Gomez was about to burst with pride. She was presenting the first professional pictures of her and her husband Rick to his parents. It was a beautiful fall picture with their pets, James and Ren. After the portrait was opened and appreciated it was carefully put in a stack of presents. Only moments later her mother-in-law picked it up to admire it again and noticed a scratch across Paula's face. A staple had marred the portrait. Paula was totally devastated. They had saved to afford their gifts to their parents and themselves. And Christmas money was now spent. The rest of the day was numb. A few days after Christmas, Rick called to order another print for his parents. Paula was still too upset to call. Neither had remembered guarantee. If it leaves my hands in a frame, it's guaranteed. Rick was wowed to learn it wouldn't cost him a cent. I know 99 percent of wall portraits are safe from injury if they are taken home and put on the wall without delays and extra handling. Few clients ever need the guarantee. But the heartaches it saves are priceless.

In return for this guarantee I ask just one condition. Give me time with you to understand your desires and goals and plan for success. Planning eases your burdens and open doors to better potentials.

Few photographers spend sufficient time with clients. Time is money. But time is wasted and clients are lost without a meeting of minds. To me, planning is essential. Each client is unique. The service and creativity are personal, not one-size-fits-all.

Planning and the session become discovery. That's the core of creativity.

To chat about a planning session, call 918-494-8886 or click here.






Making it Easy


I know sitting for, choosing and affording pictures is not easy for many clients. I've been on the other side of the camera. I also know everything related to your portraits becomes a part of them, like a memory or journey relived each time you see them.


The service part of your portraits should shine of quality like the portraits. Without good related memories their luster is dull. Choose a photographer that makes the fullest effort to enhance the process and product. See for yourself with a simple phone call: (918) 494-8886. Each session starts with personal advice and help to achieve your goal.






A Reputation of Quality


Creating quality portraits and top-drawer service is a mission.


That spells different efforts for each client. Still a common thread weaves through each day: giving clients time and attention to deliver a treasure they appreciate for years to come.


True success in portraits requires this personal attention and commitment of interest. I find it satisfying. I hope you'll find it a smart choice.






Emotions and Discovery


Will your portraits stir your emotions and cause you to light up with love, joy, pride, and a sense of purpose or gratitude? Or will they be just another set of faces?


Will the results reflect a time of fun, discovery and a great service in their creation, selection and delivery?


The fullest emotional profile can reveal us more totally than we might imagine. Besides smiling faces, portraits show our dreamer side, our caring nature, our value of relationships, our innocence, our accomplishments, our confidence, and of course love.


How we see ourselves is different from how parents see us, how friends see us, our lovers see us, etc. Such a range of natures in our portraits helps us see ourselves in new ways.


I often chuckle inside when callers ask how much is it for one 8x10. They think they're buying a piece of paper. They forget about the time, talent and caring that helps create the image. They're asking about price when they should ask, "Will my portraits be worth my time and money to come to you?"


Are you basing your decision for a picture of life on price or value? Call to chat about what your portraits can reveal or how they can be different from rubber stamp images: (918) 494-8886.






The Best Time for Portraits


Each season offers attractions for portraits. Spring color and summer greens are beautiful. Fall color in Oklahoma is great but rare. Winter weather sends most indoors where holiday groups are so appreciated.


The best time is usually now. Waiting for your two-year-old to not show a bruise may take a while. Diets, like life, are unpredictable. And often someone is missing from large family groupings.


I often think of Dana McCarty, a senior at Midway High School. Three days after his session he crashed his motorcycle and was hospitalized for months in a specialty hospital in Colorado, not knowing if he could ever walk again. His rehab was long and difficult on him and his family. Yet I like to think his portraits, including those with his bike, served as a reassurance for his family and a goal for his recovery.


Kathy and Raymond Kennedy loved their dog Coco, and came for portraits with Coco knowing she was in her last days. They were a mid-aged couple that hadn't had many portraits, so this was important. They realized there was an impending change. The very next day Coco died. It was like she was waiting for this last gift for Kathy and Raymond. She had helped them create a treasure they'll always love.


These stories are many. It’s a wonder to think of our blessings.


What better way to show your love and appreciation?


Every day is great for portraits. Perfection is better saved for other interests. A phone call is how it starts: (918) 494-8886.






What Clients Say

It's flattering to hear:


"You have a manner which made us all relax and, yes, even cooperate, which is no small task. Sitting for portraits is not a common event for our family and we appreciate the way in which you made us feel comfortable." Mary Lou McKissick, Abilene, TX


"It was fun. I've never taken good pictures before, but he helped me relax enough to take good pictures - made me feel comfortable. My older sister came to Steven. My younger sister will - all the way from Owasso." Mandy Langlinais, Owasso High School senior


"I saw one of Steven's pictures on display in my doctor's office and knew immediately it was from Steven Michael's. You can just tell." Denise Gray, Preston

"He captures the real essense of my son and family." Frank McManus, Henryetta


"Words can't express our appreciation to you for your beautiful work. What a job well done. Thanks for being there for us." Clara Phillips, Okmulgee


Jordie is confined to a wheelchair. We first met her at age 12 when she needed a picture for a foundation that provided her sports wheelchair for basketball. Other studios had issues, her mother Natalie told us. “You made the studio available. You listened to our concerns and made the situation work. We had wonderful service and will be back for more pictures soon. We absolutely love our pictures. ” Natalie Crowe, Okemah


Basketball pro Kermit Holmes: “I received my pictures and they are beautiful. Some really great pictures.”






Service that's Sincere


I ask myself repeatedly, "How can I build the bonds with clients and serve them best so I can see them again.”


A win-win seems the best answer. It all comes down to following hearts, listening, appreciating clients sincerely and watching out for clients throughout the process, from planning to purchase and delivery. I aim for an experience that's valued by clients as much as I value the opportunities they present.


Treating others the way we wish to be treated is the best win-win. From that we promote our personal growth and joy. That's one more reason I counsel clients before sessions at no extra charge.


In short, I build bonds by proving your trust.