Steven Michael Hall took the leap into photography in 1993 when he jumped from the writing and editing side of newspapers. He has always been intrigued by photography's ability to show potentials and personal revealings.


He graduated with honors and a BA in journalism from the University of Oklahoma in 1973, and his professional life includes work in corporate public relations, the oil and gas industry, insurance and landscaping, both retail and design.


"It's a marriage of personal growth and creative fulfillment, and my love of service. What's important to me is that I reach the greatest potential in my portraits and my service. That enhances my growth and fulfillment, and it builds wonderful relationships and broader values."


Steve has been president of the Tulsa portrait photographers guild, INPPA (Indian Nations Professional Photographers Association) twice, and a board member for Professional Photographers of Oklahoma. He has been chairman of the Okmulgee Recreation Board for park development, the Okmulgee Rotary Club, and Center of Light, a spiritual study group in Tulsa. His hobbies include landscaping and anything around water.


In short, he's a driving personality tethered by a passion for finding the win-win. He has always been multi-talented. Now the artist within him is complemented by years of efforts that contribute to the portraits and photography services.


A note from Steve...

"What's important to me
is that I reach the
greatest potential
in my portraits
and service."